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dreaming of you, and how we fade.
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a community of fan art by how_we_fade
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hello! wondering what fade_art is all about? well, its a graphics community for fan art by how_we_fade. you will find lots of icons, banners, and wallpapers in the entries featuring various celebrities and characters. new posts are public for a few days, but after that, members only, so you have to join to view the entries.

if you decide you want to use one of my graphics, then please make sure to follow the rules and comment and credit. also, don't come here to steal my fan art, claim it as your own, and post it on your journal and/or a different site. that shit aint cool. be a good person, and stick to the rules.Please, join the community!

p.s. not all the textures i use are mine, their is a whole list of makers that are credited in my personal profile.

my old fan art can be found at pennylane_art

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